How you can push traffic to your betting website

Simple ways to generate quality traffic to your website

Without quality traffic you only have a ready to go betting website, now lets start making some money!

The entire concept of the betting scripts and the services we provide is to push genuine and good quality traffic players to your online betting and casino website and there are tons of ways to do so, you just need to figure out the most suitable one for you.

Search engine optimization

This is by far the best way to go in the long run for many betting website owners but it takes time and you should not use your “friend who knows free backlinks”,
Running SEO is like building a house, you would like to make a good foundation to build your steady home based upon and see your website grow, with this we are talking about see your website climb in google search rankings based on your keywords.
So if you have a betting website in United Kingdom for example, you might want to be on page 1 google search by the keyworks UK betting, Online betting, Sportsbet bonus – its fully possible, but you need to know what you are doing and have patience.

We can help you run your SEO campaings, Read more here!

Paid marketing methods

As you might allready know, google will not allow you to run gambling advertisements online without a proper gambling license in order attached to your website.
If you are looking to obtain a gambling license then feel free to consult with us as we can help obtaining a valid gambling license for your website too.
However, back to paid advertisement,

If you are located in europe or in the States and want to run paid ads to lead to your betting website (without license) the official answer is NO, not possible by google policy.
However there are ways people can attract these ads online anyway using affiliate website ads.

Microsoft ads aka Bing and yahoo does not have the same power as google ads, however you can actually achieve online ads with microsoft and the prices are way, WAY less then google ads and you will never get banned like google might do when you breach their policy.

Second option:
Paid banner spots and links on other websites.
Now, never use any super cheap services where people offer banner on websites for 5 bucks, its just a big waste of time, you will never generate any real deposit players this way.
Make sure you place your banner or links on a well known portal with good ranking and great content in the correct genre as you dont want your links comming from any off topic webshop or adult website because that will not generate you any real deposit players aswell.


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Betting scripts


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