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Free support & updates

Buying from us ensures you free software updates and lifetime support plus, special discounts!

Be in control

With open sourcecode, there are no limitations to what you can achieve with the Tipper365

Change the design as you like

You can easilly change colours, banners, logos and text with basich php skills or simply hire us to customize the setup as you like.

Control winnings and payouts

Set any maximum win limit on sports betting and all casino games individually, this way you can make sure never to go broke on your online betting website.

Cash in hand & Payment deposits

Accept cash in hand and manually fund player accounts or activate over 2000+ crypto currencies, paypal, skrill and other payment gateways allready included in the script.

Start your betting website

Starting a online betting website have never been easier, you can be online within just a couple days accepting real money bets and keep 100% of all player activities with no 3:rd party commission split.

The famous original Tipper365 betting script has been around since 2017 and updated every year, the popular design is now online in over 20+ countries world wide and growing.

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Red odds betting script is the 2.0 version if the Tipper365 betting scrip with the red theme and minor adjustments and mainly changes to casino game graphics.

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Black odds – By demand, we released the black theme wich brough a huge success rate to several online betting websites in short time online.

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Extraordinary features

Its the little things that brings success to your online betting and casino business using the Tipper365

Events display

Sports betting in the Tipper365 interface is simple and easy to understand for new users. The events display gives users a clear overview of the ongoing events to make sure they don´t miss out on a single game!


We allready added several popular languages into Tipper365. If you can´t find your native language you can easilly add it manually or simply hire us to add any language you need.

Custom design

We believe in design and custom layout are crucial in many ways, the Tipper365 allows you to customize the design fully as you like or simply use our tech team to customize any design as you like, simple and easy!

Payment gateways

Tipper365 llows you to manually put credit on player accounts, meaning you can accept cash in hand and put manually credit. You can also use the pre integrated gatesways such as Skrill, PayPal, Wecashup, Coinpayments and Bank transfer.

Customers loves Tipper365

The freedom of fully open sourcecode with database access unlocks any limitations to what you can do with the Tipper365 betting scripts.

To actually controll the winning limits are a big plus for me!

I love the fact there is no monthly costs after purchase, just a one time fee.

The best part for me is that i can re-design the actual casino games, we made ours personally to the brand.

We added live dealers by external API very easy to use this script.

We accept only offline payments and its working extremely good, thank you!

Best-in-class support

Get your own licensed copy of the Tipper365 today and enroll your very own online betting and casino website.

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